martes, noviembre 20, 2012

w8 over there

I was playing a bit with malcolm this last week. Awesome rig, but I started with a simple arm move, then I get into full body, put the camera away... I wanted to lead first with the hips and then with the hand to make a cool effect, but everythinh gets so complicated that I don't like it how's it going, so I will leave it behind.

As you could see, is far from being done, and well, I touched some little things on the other cartoony animation that I think it makes it work a little better.

lunes, noviembre 12, 2012


I didn't have a lot of time this week, so I end up the cartoony animation (it could need some more tweaks, but I'll leave it as it is right now) and I started a walk to prove bonnie rig.

jueves, noviembre 08, 2012


I didn't have a lot of time last week, but I almost done the blocking part, changing to splines and improving some other things this week and some walk cycle at same time, we'll see if I could make it for the end of the week.

martes, octubre 30, 2012

w5 gir

A test on a cartoony shot with some 3D blocking, I'm gonna spend this week to try to finish this one, although I'll take with peace.

miércoles, octubre 24, 2012

w4_something from the ground

I didn't have a lot of time this last week and I saw that I get too much complicated on blocking terms (needs more work), so I'm returning to the point of do animations with 3-4poses maximum for this week.

lunes, octubre 15, 2012

w3_loa smash table

Blocking plus from monday to friday last week.

Had some bad time, because the head is really big, shoulders are small and when it mades the torsion to create energy the arm went behind the head, but I think that moreless I could solve it.

I used some lattice and scale on the hand to make it a bit more cartoony and I tried to do something similar with the head but it hasn't enough speed and it look weird and distracting, so I decided to change that with 0 squash&stretch on the head.

lunes, octubre 08, 2012


A blocking per day during 4 days, on the 5th I did some animatic with tvpaint but I still need to finish that one.