jueves, octubre 20, 2005


Si alguien seguia le blog que se pase por aqui donde abri un hilo para el lamborghini diablo que toy haciendo. Pero es que vaya, como nadie comenta nada pos paso d subir cosas por aqui.


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車道 dijo...

Thanks a lot to watch my blog too!
3D human body is very very difficult, I hate skinning!!!!
It s of course the very good way to use 3D human body for animation.
Just in secret ^^^, I use Poser to make human body and I export in Max, after that, I can make clothes, hair,... in Max
And lot of work in Photoshop!!


NeoLitus dijo...

jeje, my first try to model a human body in max is that, for this anetta don't look all the good that i want >_< . And one question (if you read this xD)and if you know, like you live in japan, what is the most common program that they use in the game creation area, 3dsmax, maya, lightwave, xsi...¿?

Anónimo dijo...

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