miércoles, marzo 01, 2006

Bads never die!!!

I start a new phase in my short 3d life. Like you can see in all the models that i made, specially with the s2000, my skill levels in modelling terms are very good, i know that i need to improve a lot, but seeing the first projects that i made the last year, this s2000 rocks the world xD, but in the ilumination and shaders terms the s2000 is in the same level of my first projects :(.
To fix that I will start with the conventional things, I will start to make a lot of simple scenes, the ones that only needs to spend 5 minutes modelling and all the efforts needs to be in the shaders and ilumination for obtain something good.

And like always, something different that i really don't know what i did, coz maybe she don't deserve this, but i prefer to don't thinking about that, i have others things to think more importants like what i need to do this weekend :P.

P.S: Rodri, finally i've got the jean paul gautier :P

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