martes, abril 25, 2006

Desert never dies

It's been a while since my last updated. But i'm a lil' busy these days making some stuff for an adventure's game with a friend and I haven't time to updated the site.
But now that i've got a lil' more time I'm working in two scenes now, one it's the one of the renders below the words, and it's the inmustikable Desert Eagle, it needs a lot of work, but i never thought that a fucking smoke gun could have some bad edges like this one.
And for the other project I don't know when i'll have time to finish, but basically it will be some crappy scene with a cut veins on the shower with some DOF for hide my poor organic modelling xD.

Yep, the base part needs to be remodelled or fix with more polys (it stills being a WIP)

And before to go sleep (it's the 2 a.m and tomorrow I've got class XD) i only need to see that i'm a lil' happy to say that supossedly, the next year, I'll go to vfs to study all this shit more good than here in barcelona, where don't exist industry for games or movies/commercials, and where the schools to learn don't fit all that i need to be someone one day.

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