viernes, junio 23, 2006

New stuff

These last days were bad for me and 3D coz I don't know why but I lost the need of made things in 3D and be proud of that and I spend a lot of time making some other things.
But well, the bad boyz never dies and I return with more power than before, the last project that I leave in progress was the "representation" of the gorillaz scene.
This is the one of last renders that I took

But yesterday, I need to make a present to a friend of mine that was her birthday the 21st. (this one, have a lot of post process in photoshop)

And today, while I was speaking with fellas in msn I see like a flash a capture of the new Tokyo Xtreme Racer (Shutoku Battle), the scan where you can see a car park, and I'll try to represent it for make a decent scene for the s2000. And yes, I don't wanna make it perfectly accurate i prefere to leave my mind free.

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