miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006

She took her shoes off ^_^

I know that the shoe isn't perfect, but I'm very proud of it, coz I made it in less than a half an hour.
And with that scene I'm starting to feel all the things that made me fell in love with 3D and that i lost some months ago.
I hope that this new breath make me realize that this is the only path that I need to follow. Finally I'll need to give thanks to all the bitches of my world that inspire me every day :'( xD.
You'll understand the meaning of the scene when It will be finish, I hope that this will be soon, but I want to make a nice scene, and for this I need to work with cloth physics for the two things that remains to do, and I would to use maxwell render instead of vray, coz I want to make it the most realistic that I can do, and the light and shaders in maxwell are a way better than the ones that I can make in vray (with my poor skills in shaders and lights subject), and I'm wondering if to use some DOF or not.

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