miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

Mud Mud Mudbox

Yep, Zbrush it's a very good soft, may be the 3.1 it's a bit better than mudbox, but the interface sucks a lot and scares me, and the other day taking a walk around the net I found mudbox that was adquired by autodesk and I though lets go to prove it, and yep, may be it's less powerful in terms of polys or the lack of good materials... but well, I feel more confortable with it in 2 days than with Zbrush an entire month xD
Yep, I know that I have to improve a lot, but with mouse it's hard to do eyes and mouth :(
A new scene started today.

And well, I think that I'm gonna make the scene that neo stops bullets, 'cause I watch a photo today of that scene and, fuck, it's very easy to do (I think), one bullet x 100, blur and anything more xD.

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