domingo, enero 15, 2012

2nd week complete

After a lot of changes on the pose, because it looks so static before, finally I'll leave it as it is now and wait until my mentor say something.
It was harder than what I though, because his big head annoys me a lot when I had to move the right arm and leave it away from the head to help the silhouette, and as it's not on the ground it was harder to make him feel alive.

By the way, on yesterday I had my old demo reel reviewed by Sandy Christensen, an amazing animator who worked on pixar, as freelance or in videogames at lucasarts for example, very good tips on the demo and very appreciated to her because all the effort that she puts correcting the shots and giving tips to make it better.

See you until next week, with a ball assignment and some excitement sketches and pose.

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