lunes, enero 09, 2012

Class 1 Week 2

It's a bit long to explain here, but after the big kit kat that I take on the blog I want to retake again and make a week update at least.

You'll think, why the entry is called Class 1 Week 2, or why I turn to English again haha, but it's because I started Animation Mentor last week.
It's an amazing place, full of people from everywhere of the world who wants to learn animation, so the webpage and all the stuff and people there are pretty cool.

My mentor is Chad Stewart who seems an awesome mentor because all his students talks very well of him, he worked on Simpsons, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, the emperor's new groove as 2D artist and Surf's up, Stuart Little 2, Open Season...as 3D artist and actually is a freelance.

That's just a brief introduction about what's coming next, so I'll try to keep this updated and I'll put my stu pose at the end of the week, so bye bye!

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