martes, diciembre 13, 2005

S2000 Veilside

Despues de un año en esto, y habiendo empezado con el amuse s2000 voy a probar de hacer el de la peli de 2fast 2 furious, no se si texturizandolo o simplemente dejando el kit veilside y ya ta,
la cuestion es ver cuanto e mejorado, y que tal queda, porque es bastante más chungo que el amuse T_T

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車道 dijo...

waou great idea there is here!
I m interested by your mesh when you will finished it. How can we understand for that?
Are you agree with I use it for my futur work?
Can I give you other 3D mesh in exchange?
What can I do for you


NeoLitus dijo...

I can give you the mesh for free, but will be a little high poly and may be if you want to make something like an animation will be difficult for you to renderize :P
See the mesh here...http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v280/NeoLitus/altres/view.jpg

NeoLitus dijo...

Fuck, i put the link in the front page