viernes, diciembre 23, 2005

Why not¿?

I'm just wondering my self why I don't extend the blog to another fields a part of the 3D one, and I finally decide that if I found something interesting and i want to share with others (well, nobody more read this fucking blog xD, then things mine, that I only can understand) .
Like a first post like this I put two webs that i just found now and sounds interesting(to me).
The first one is http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ Like her name indicates it treats about post secrets anonimously. You need to send a photo or a letter with a text and share with the other people what you feel or think and you can't tell with your friends or family. Well, like I made here expressing to my self, but here it's only for me because nobody a part of me reads this, well the only person that enter here more than one time was shado for see how i'm going with the amazing s2000 :P.

And the second web is... http://spaniards.es/ it seems the name of the air service but it's basically for speak with people that are in some other country and they help you if you want to escape from this fucking country populated basically with a people that love the beers, the sex and don't have more preocupations than buy a new house, thinking in all less the important things of the life. Well may be I'm to romantic (quizás sería más correcto decir jilipollas xD) or
demasiado poco cabrón (al final será mejor usar spanglish xD) but I need to found someone that thinks like me one day. Fuck, I have turned my self aside xD, like I was saying this web explain you all that you need, visas, place to live and all this stuff if you want to go out of this country.

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