martes, enero 10, 2006

I won't need this anymore

Like my fucking pc is officially dead until i bought a new motherboard, i can only work with 512mb ram and i can't use the 3ds max quick, then I tried today with something more traditional, and fuck, i like it, i like the concept and finally i like how they looks, here is the description in DA...

"Like my fucking cam makes the photos with a lot of noise (fuck you sony xD) i try to experiment a little with photoshop. Well,I make the photo with a temporizer (Model and photographer:Me) and with smudge tool of photoshop i retouched the entire photo for smooth the colors and "erase" the grain.
The "shadow" of the face it's real, made with a shadow tools (the ones that girls use, i don't know the exact name in english :S)and try to represent with no succes xD that i was crying, and the tatoo in the heart zone is 愛=AI=LOVE, well the kanji is made with photoshop but i'm wondering to make a real one :P.

C&C are always welcome, and please, open in full view, because with this you can't appreciate the style of "paint""
colored one

Black&White or White&Black :P with contrast touched

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