lunes, enero 02, 2006

Speaking with my self (don't read if you don't want xD)

Fuck, Now it's all clear xD. I was questioning myself if go away the next year to a new country with nobody and nothing will be good or not, well, I thought go to join in the driver's license school tomorrow but now i'm so fucking down to imagine all my life here, in this fucking place where nobody listens me, where nobody loves me, where nobody sees me, where nobody makes me feel realize with all that i do, well, maybe i'm exagerating all but in the end is the fucking reality.
Well, i leave you to search for an information of schools in usa xD.

"waiting is wasting for people like me..." Wind-Akeboshi
I don't want to waste more time for nothing more than a wall without a door.
"Well I take a moment, we need some break time.. drowning in a sunlake..brown white and yellow. Shadow is always the same color." Hey There-Akeboshi

See ya :P

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