jueves, enero 05, 2006

Sorcery complete xD

Like I say some time ago, I change the front bumper (the veilside one) for the one of sorcery, well, I retouched a little the hood and the rear bumper.
The front bumper have some bugs and I'll fix now, but well, i think that looks nice compared with the other cars that i made before that looks more crappy than this one xD.

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車道 dijo...

It will be amazing!!!
PC is suck! Windows is suck
Anyway we can make amazing thing in 3D with it !
Good luck with your fuckin pc^^


NeoLitus dijo...

yes hehe, and I'm still waiting for a fucking motherboard with socket 754 T_T.
Well, in these days i made the interior but with 512mb it's a little hard to take a render, but well, the seats and the tablieur are made, and i need to make a new steering wheel and nothing more i think, and i hope to finish the entire car for the next week, because i suposed that i will have the pc fixed for the end of this week and i need to make the rear wing, a new rims and the lights and glasses.